Annie Update.

Today we had a grueling appointment at Children's Hospital in Dallas.

I went in feeling nauseated and beaten down....but left feeling hopeful and somewhat....elated.

As hopeful and elated as a mother can be who has just been told that her precious little 2-year-old has a brain tumor.

I was impressed with the staff at Children's who took the time to actually sit in the room with us and clearly explain what was going on and discuss all of our options. We met with two doctors today, one of them being the neurosurgeon who performs these surgeries routinely.

The bottom line is that yes, Annie DOES have a tumor. They showed us two MRI pictures where a round white marble-looking thing was clearly visible in her cerebellum.

We discussed all the options, which would be either performing surgery now to remove the tumor, or doing the watch-and-wait where we have MRI's every few months and operate when the tumor grows or changes somehow.

And the neurosurgeon assured us the tumor WOULD DEFINITELY grow, since little Annie is still not even three years old and growing herself.

So really, its just a matter of time between when we decide that we SHOULD remove the tumor, and we HAVE TO remove the tumor.

Hubby and I elected to come home and think about and pray about our options.

"Brain Tumor" and "Brain Surgery" are never good news, by any means, and when you hear those particular words you tend to think Worst Case Scenario.

However, the positives are:

* The tumor appears to be contained and to not have any legs or tentacles.

* The tumor is 13 millimeters. It seems that most of the time, when you hear of someone having a brain tumor, its the size of a lemon or a softball. I guess prior to it getting that size, it really may not cause enough symptoms to warrant an MRI. So that in itself is miraculous, that we caught it at this stage. However, 13mm is not tiny by any means.

* She does NOT appear to have any metastis or infection in the brain.

* Her brain otherwise appears completely normal.

* Annie is otherwise in perfect health.

* The hospital is the best with the best doctors.

But please believe me when I say my hope is not in the hospitals and the doctors.

And I'll tell you why.

Remember last week, when I told you about Annie's falling down episode and trip to the emergency room?

That episode was TOTALLY UNRELATED to this brain tumor.

Totally, completely unrelated....both doctors assured us of that.

And yet that falling down episode was the very reason why we ended up in the ER in the first place, had an MRI, and were diagnosed with a brain tumor.

So had she not fallen down in a weird way.....we still wouldn't know the tumor was there, possibly for years, possibly until too late....

And so the whole falling-down episode....that was a little miracle from God.

That's where the elated feeling comes in.

Because God showed me HE is in control, through that one little miracle.

And I know that any God who is good enough and cares for us enough to give us that one little miracle is just God enough to heal our Annie.

And in that is where my hope lies.


Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

Oh Melissa,
We are lifting sweet Annie up in our prayers and I feel God working through you guys. He is the strength in our Human weakness.
God bless you

Mandy said...

I am so thankful for the miracles you've reported and for His peace that definitely passes all understanding. I will continue to pray for all of you. God is so good and He will provide for your every need. Lots of love and hugs!!!

Whiterock said...

Praising and praying.

MommaJo ~ said...

I can see your strength in your words. Thank you for sharing this with us and letting us pray with you. And, PRAISE THE LORD for that ER visit. God is so amazing in His ways.

Michawn said...

Praying for you. So amazing how we can see God, even in the really horrible stuff. So glad He has made His presence known already even in this situation and is giving you peace. Praying for you as you make decisions for the future.

Connie said...

First of all THANK you for taking the time to update us...I am sure you are exhuasted.

Second, AMAZING that the faling was unrelated. Praise God.

Third, we will pray for wisdom and peace for the decisions that you face.

B said...

Thank you for the update. Continuing to lift your family up during this time, esp as you make decisions..........

Christi said...

I have been praying for your little Annie, and am so relieved to hear that the tumor has been detected at such an early stage!

I will keep praying, and checking your blog for updates!

mgirl said...

I know if it were me that had a tumor or something, I would definitely check out "alternative" methods. I know nothing personally about this, but just wanted to pass it along to you. I'm sure you'll be bombarded with all sorts of advice from people. Not intended as advice, obviously, just information.

Stacey said...

I am so inspired by you right now!! Ah, to be assured by your creative writing and loving heart...that God gets ALL the Glory and He IS in control of EVERYTHING.

Thank you. In the midst of my petty, petty frustrations and tiredness..... I am encouraged by you! I will continue for more hope and miracles for your sweet Annie Beth. xox stacey

Krissybeth6 said...

Our family and church has been praying for Annie and will continue to, Praise God for all his wonderful work in our lives, not matter how hard it may be. What a wonderful testimony your family is.

Krissybeth6 said...

Our family and church has been praying for Annie and will continue to, Praise God for all his wonderful work in our lives, not matter how hard it may be. What a wonderful testimony your family is.

Nealette said...

Melissa: Thank you for restoring a little of MY faith today. You're so right - God is good - all the time. Please know that you and your precious family are in my prayers.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

Hang in there! A man I work with went through the same thing you and your family are going through (about 7 months ago). The shock and horror of learning their (3 year old) son has a brain tumor was almost too much for all of us, let alone my co-worker, his precious wife and family. But, although they learned the tumor is not cancer and cannot be removed, there is a GOOD chance it will never affect their son. Of course, he will have to have MRI's every month to check for growth/other changes, but for right now, he's a normal 3-year old growing and behaving just fine.

We have another co-worker whose daughter was diagnosed with the same type of tumor at 4 years old and she's now 13 and you wouldn't know she even has one!

So please, I know your faith is strong, you have many friends, stranger-friends and family supporting you, stay strong and know that your baby girl WILL be just fine.

Best to you always!

Dawn said...

Wow! Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!!

Though we have never met in person (that I know of) I can feel what a Godly, strong, loving & compassionate Mom & Wife you are, just from your writings on this wonderful site. I will be praying for Annie and for clear answers from God on what path you should take.

Although I do not have any personal experience with brain tumors. . . I do know from experience that children heal & recover faster from surgery. Depending on the age, sometimes they don't even remember it. My niece had open heart surgery at age 18 months and it was amazing to see the recovery process. Now at age 13, if you ask her she doesn't remember it at all. However, it hurts us to watch their pain at such a young age.

Look forward to meeting you soon at Caldwell.

May God hold your family in his arms! Dawn

Dandy said...

What a beautiful gift, that fall that brought you to this. And what a wonderful outlook you have. Thank you for sharing your story!

Elle Bee said...

This is heartbreaking and amazing all at the same time. God is so good and He will see you through this! Your faith and attitude inspire me.

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