The End of the Smocked Dress Era.

I love smocked dresses.

Little girls just look like little girls in a smocked dress.

So sweet and classic and beautiful.

WITH Mary Jane shoes, of course, and an oversized hairbow, naturally.

Katie, my oldest, wore smocked dresses and hairbows until she was seven years old and discovered
Justice, and then that was all she wrote.

Annie, on the other hand, decided she wasn't down with the smocked dresses about the time she decided she wanted to be a glamorous rock star... about age 2.

Would Hannah Montana wear a smocked dress? I think not.

And that's the criteria we use to decide what to wear at our house.

Or at least that's how I would manipulate her into wearing a smocked dress and Mary Janes. I'm not proud of the fact that more than once, I told her Hannah Montana has these same red Mary Janes! to get her to wear those darn shoes to church. She always fell for it, bless her heart.

Annie, the baby, age four, should still be in smocked dresses, and its so unfair that she isn't.

But that was before her friend came to spend the night Saturday night and brought a smocked dress to wear to church the next morning. Annie took one look at it and decided nothing would do but that she must wear a smocked dress, too.

Annie dug deep into her closet and found this Valentine's dress from last year. Size 3... a little too short... but it was smocked, and knowing this might just be my last chance, I let her wear it, and though the sun was in her eyes, I *had* to get a picture of these two precious little ones in their sweet little dresses.

Smocked is cool again!

Someone tell Hannah Montana...

1 comment:

mgirl said...

Awesome! I agree, it's hard to keep them little girls as long as they should be. *sigh*

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