Twenty Great Things About This Week.

1. Well, NATURALLY I have to start with the new bling on my left ring finger. And by 'new' I mean 'heirloom'... Michael gave me his grandmother's wedding ring, in case I failed to mention that until everyone within earshot is sick of hearing it.

No, that's not the best picture of it, but its the first one I snapped with my cell phone in his truck that night so it's my favorite.

2. Annie's 42 pieces of flair. She CANNOT get herself dressed without layering on the accessories. And I love it.

3. Christmas shopping with Michael and my girls.

4. Conversations with my girls about the upcoming marriage... Katie: "When you get married, is Michael gonna live here?" Me: "Yes..." Katie, wheels turning: "But..... where is he gonna sleep?" (I knew what she was thinking... we have two bedrooms; one is ours... one is mom's.... sooooo.....) I answered: "Well, we'll be married, so he'll sleep with me." I think she was more than a little disappointed we weren't going to put a third twin bed in their room for Michael.

5. Picking out a real live Christmas tree with Michael and my girls.

6. Katie Beth asking Michael to help her with her homework. Michael. Not me. She didn't ask ME, her MOM, to help her with her homework. She asked MICHAEL.

7. Michael getting down on the floor to help a ten-year-old with her homework. I love that man.

8. Earl, the new Elf that Santa sent down Michael's chimney. He's quite often at OUR house making mischief with our elf, Paloola.


9. Taking the Elves to church, because if ANYONE needs a Holy Spirit experience, its these two. They need Jesus in their heart, for realz. They are bad, people.

10. The Elves turning up just about everywhere.

11. Katie Beth's phenomenal art. She is one talented girl.

12.  Katie's art class at Jan's Art Academy. She's done amazing things in there with the help of Mrs. Jan.

13. Did I mention Katie Beth's phenomenal art? I'd love to wallpaper my apartment in it.

14. I got to witness my first Smak Down this week. Oh, I've seen evening volleyball, but it was a nothing compared to the display of testosterone I witnessed at Marvin Methodist Church today.

15. Shopping with my future hubby, even with the backseat driving and snarky comments about my driving like a woman.... it was still fun.

Fun enough to commit to 40 more years of snarky comments about my driving. I think. Though he did come dangerously close to having a pillow pressed down over his face today for the comments about my driving, if only I'd had a pillow available in the car. Luckily for him I did not.

16. Having a handsome man around to carry my bags for me.

17. Michael perusing the Barbie asile at Target for Christmas gifts for two little girls.

18. Michael leaving Target with THIS MANY little girl toys. I daresay it was the first time he'd left Target with quite so many so I had to document the occasion for posterity.

19. And did I mention... my new bling? Yeah.... Michael gave it to me.


20. Last but not least, sold and closed on the Blue House today. I'm praying that the Blue House will be a blessing to its new owners and that they'll experience only love and happy memories there. And what perfect timing, to close that chapter in my life as this new chapter begins...

I have to say... best week of my life. Hands down. Thank you Lord for all the ways you've blessed me....


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!!! Katie Beth is a true artist, Paisley says she 'Loves that Annie gril.", Micheal is a super hero and you, my dear friend, are SO blessed and such a blessing. Has God restored the years the locusts have eaten or what?
And, hey, what's that on your finger? haha.
Melissa H.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Thanks Mel. :) YES EXACTLY about the locust story... one of my favorite Bible stories ever, especially now. :)

And hey... did you know Michael gave me an engagement ring?!?!

Leslie said...

The art is AMAZING...

Joseph said...

YYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH! more time...YYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! I am so excited for you precious friend!

LKS said...

KB rocks. Truly lovely.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, your daughter is an amazing artist!!!!!

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