39 Random Things About Me on My 39th Birthday.

I stumbled upon a list of 25 Things About Me that I wrote on Facebook three years ago, back when it was a trend to write 25 random facts about yourself and then tag 25 friends, yada yada yada. So while a few of the minor details have changed since 2009, a lot of them are still completely ME, so in honor of my 39th birthday, here is my revised list, edited and added to.

1. I have a serious case of A.D.D. Its torture for me to have to sit through a conference, seminar, even church makes me crazy sometimes; I *HAVE* to take notes in church or I completely zone out. I can't even sit and watch TV without doing something with my hands.

2. I barely graduated from high school, due to reason #1. I graduated #245 in a class of 577. And that was *ONLY* due to the goodness in Mrs. Whitman's heart for 'giving' me a 73 in Senior English when I clearly didn't deserve it. I never read one book in her class that entire year.

3. And its not because of my IQ, lest you think I'm dumb. When I was 3, I watched my dad take a lawnmower apart, and when he went inside to answer the phone, I put the lawnmower back together.

4. I also learned to read when I was 3. My Sunday School teacher was the first to realize it, when she caught me reading the Bible verse I was supposed to have memorized, out of her Bible on the table. Upside down.

5. I only told you #3 and #4 so that you won't think I'm dumb for barely graduating from high school......

6. My mom is really into genealogy and can trace our family back to Adam and Eve. And I seriously *HATE* genealogy. I got dragged to too many courthouses and cemeteries as a child so that mom could do her research. Most of my childhood memories involve sitting and coloring on a courthouse or library floor while did research on dead people, or playing in a cemetery while she hunted for somebody's headstone. Know who my great-great-grandmother is? I don't CARE!! Know when my family came over on a boat? I don't CARE!!!  I don't see the point of knowing trivia about dead people.

7. One of my ancestors is William Barrett Travis from the Alamo. And I don't care. :)

8. I'm a *WHOLE* lot more interested in the fact that I'm related to Britney Spears. Not proud of it, per se, I just find that a lot more interesting.

9. My grandmother/mom/cousins are from Kentwood, Louisiana, the tiny little town in Louisiana where Britney is from, y'all.

10. I find humor in the absurd and ridiculous. The movie Dodgeball makes me laugh out loud, and I've probably seen it 5 times. I'm not one to laugh out loud at movies, but that one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

11. I love to laugh, and love funny people, but I hate jokes. I like funny STORIES, but jokes??? They make me roll my eyes. And Obama jokes......PLEASE! I wish people would stop emailing me those.

12. I do *NOT* find it funny when the humor in a movie comes from watching pathetic people's misfortune and desperation, like Napoleon Dynamite or Little Miss Sunshine. I hate those kinds of movies. I also hate every single Will Ferrell movie except for Elf.

13. This is probably the 'Social Worker' in me coming out. I’ve worked as a Social Worker at a hospital, a psych hospital, for a foster care agency, and now, at a Long Term Care facility for medically fragile children. My heart hurts for suffering people…. Even Napoleon Dynamite.

14. However, I have Z.E.R.O. compassion for drama queens…. histrionic people who manufacture their own attention-seeking crises. Seriously. Zero. Work with a child who is in a vegetative state due to the abuse she received at the hands of her parents, and you’ll get why I have no tolerance for drama queens. Concoct your own drama as a means to get attention = get unfriended by me.

15. I feel like I missed my 'calling' in life. I went through college not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up, and got the first degree I had enough hours to get after my dad told me the funds were being cut off.

16. As a child I would spend hours drawing houses and floor plans of houses. I would draw page after page of floor plans and staple them together in a book. I really, secretly, think I should have been an architect. Or a designer. Or architect-slash-designer. I rarely go into someone’s home that I don’t redecorate and rearrange their furniture in my mind. Sigh.

17. I'm obsessed with old houses and old buildings. I LOVE to tour old homes. When I wrote this list three years ago I wrote, “I love living in an old house. I can't see me ever living in a new one. I love the creak of the old floors, the nooks and crannies, the glass doorknobs, dare I say the history of them. I love that our house is 80 years old and has so much history.” Uh, I have to recant that statement. I love TOURING old homes; I am so indescribably grateful that I no longer live in an 80 year old house with frigid bathrooms and drafty old windows where I could never quite get warm in the winter and yet our heating bill was a bazillion dollars a month. THANK YOU, LORD. Never again…
18. My kids go to school in the old Tyler High School building which is now an elementary school, and I think I love the building more than I love the school itself. I just love going there, to that cool building. I love the light fixtures and the library and the cafeteria.

19. Though I love their school, I’m a closet homeschooling mom. I homeschooled Katie for part of one semester before my life was sucked up into a tornado and spit back out into a wood chipper and I had to enroll her in public school. I’m not sure that we’ll ever return to the homeschooling season of life, and that’s just fine, but somewhere, deep down, I’m Michelle Duggar driving a 15-passenger-van and teaching my kids the violin… ok, maybe not on the violin or the van, but teaching my kids at home, yeah. Part of me deep down inside wants to do that.

20. Though I don't have the slightest interest in genealogy I *DO* love owning things that belonged to my grandmother. One of my favorite things is this old yellow mixing bowl that belonged to my grandmother, because I remember helping her make pumpkin pie and dressing in that bowl. I keep it up high in one of my glass kitchen cabinets. I would cry if it got broken. I don’t want my entire house furnished in old things, especially old things that have an old smell, but I've always been sort of an old lady; hence the attraction to old yellow mixing bowls and such.

21. Oh wait, my entire house IS mostly furnished with things that belonged to SOMEBODY'S grandmother. In my whole grown-up life I’ve only bought one new piece of furniture from an actual furniture store...the armoire in my living room. Everything else we bought used. Or at Canton. OR auctions or estate sales.

22. …because I am more comfortable with old and used than new and shiny. I‘ve owned two new vehicles purchased new from a car lot, and will promise you that I will never, ever, ever buy a new vehicle again. I drive a 7-year-old Honda Accord and I couldn‘t be happier. Because I'm an old lady, and that’s what old ladies drive.

23. I was the nerdiest of nerds in high school. I tried out for, and MADE, the Academic Decathlon Team in high school. Then didn't get to compete because I failed Senior English that six-weeks. See #2.

24. I don’t like concerts. Its partially the ADD, and partially because I’m an old lady. But they’re LOUD, and they last too long, and there is not any one person I want to hear sing for two hours or more, especially if I have to sit while I listen. Gah. NO thanks.

25. I was in a commercial for Mitchell's Dress Shop when I was 17. I miss Mitchell's Dress Shop.

26. OK, this is one I had to edit… I (used to) love remodeling. I hate living in a house WHILE its being worked on, but love(d) taking an eyesore and transforming it into something beautiful. My heart still races when I look at our 'before' pictures of this house, because I remember that thrill I felt when I first walked through it and saw the potential (still true). I would (NOT) do it again in a heartbeat. (Edited to say…. I love SEEING the before and after, but never again will I actually be the one doing the remodeling. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes).

27. I was a stay-at-home mom for nine years. I loved it then… I miss it terribly at times…. Mostly, I miss all the time with my kids. But…. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I would go back to those days again. I like having a job. INCOME is fun.

28. I make hair bows for little girls. When I was a stay-at-home-mom, I made hair bows for seven boutiques in four different cities. And I can spot my own hair bows when I see them on little girls out in public.

29. Once in high school, I got sent to the counselor for turning in a dark and depressing poem about death and it got my teacher all in a frenzy. But I didn’t write it; I ‘borrowed’ it from the skater dude who sat next to me in study hall the day I forgot to write a poem for English class and he loaned me one of his. I learned my lesson about cheating in school on that day.

30. Once in college, I broke into the new gym with my friend the Preacher’s Kid. Then we broke into the new dorm and smoked cigarettes. And it felt so scandalously dangerous.

31. After college, I mailed pictures of our escapades to my friend the Preacher’s Kid, and her mother, the Preacher’s Wife, opened the envelope. Chaos and disownment ensued. Several years went by and we reconnected on Facebook.

32. Once in third grade, I got in trouble and had to stand in the corner for tapping my pencil on my desk during a film strip. It was the most humiliating moment of my first eight years.

33. And those are the only times I can remember getting in trouble in school. Teachers love you when you’re nerdy (see #23) and painfully shy.

34. Once I’m friends with someone, its for life. Unless she’s a histrionic drama queen (see #14). Or two-faced. I don’t like two-faced. I’ve been friends with C. since 3rd grade; with S. since 6th grade; with K. and M. and A. and S. since 9th grade; and with L. since our first year at ETBU, 1993. That’s like, forever.

35. Today at work, my closest coworker asked me out of the blue if I had ever considered getting on Adderall because of my serious A.D.D. problem. I had never even TOLD her about my A.D.D. and yet somehow…. She just knew. Hey, look! There’s something shiny!
36. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Shiny things. I married the love of my life on Christmas Eve, 2011, and he gave me his grandmother’s wedding ring. I think I might have mentioned that once or twice on the blog. I love old things that belonged to someone’s grandmother (see #20, 21, and 22).

37. The first thing about Michael that caught my attention was how FUNNY he is (see #11). The second time we talked was a chat on Facebook, and I noticed h'ow quick-witted he was, and I was hooked. The first time we spoke was at church where he knocked several people out of the way to come talk to me. He sat by me in big church and asked me if I was going to the Singles Class Luau. I wasn’t.

38. Our first “date” (though we were just friends at the time) was at my friend’s birthday party (the night of the Luau) where we BLEW EVERYONE AWAY with our score at a game that was basically a reading-your-partner’s-mind game. We were leaps and bounds ahead of EVERY other couple, some of whom had been married for decades. That “date” was the third time we had ever spoken, but we had an instant chemistry where we instantly “GOT” each other and everybody noticed it. I still wasn’t interested.

39. But I am now. He’s my soul mate til death do us part and I can’t wait to spend the next 39 years with him.

Me on the Academic Decathlon team... first row, second from right.

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Jeane` said...

HAPPIEST of Birthdays!!!

In response to:

#1 (Last sentence): This should work out well for your husband. ;)

#5 I would not have anyway, but 3 and 4 was most impressive.

#6 So which side of the family do you come from? Adam's or Eve's?

#14 AMEN. And AMEN.

#15 Do you think you know what the calling was you wish you hadn't missed?

#19 Do you also feel the urge to don a denim jumper and buy matching ones for your daughters? This may signify it's time to put a down payment on the van. I realize I am being incredibly stereotypical, but I've been pretending not to hear the Homeschooling Bug buzzing around my inner ear.(Many of my friends do homeschool and their kids are AWESOME). My first born, however, is about to be enrolled at the public school next year.

#20 Is that old yellow mixing bowl a Pyrex one? Because I too have it and use it ALL the time.

#32 I haven't heard the term "film strip" in a very, very long time. Thank you for the reminder. I can hear it now...

LOVED reading this (feel no obligation to answer any questions I may have posed! Go out and party hearty! Or, if you really are an old Honda-Accord driving lady, perhaps you are more like me and will be on the couch watching American Pickers and playing Words With Friends...

Aaron said...

Never realized "mike's new wife"
went to REL :) ..
1) Ms Schofield is awesome.. I swear I saw her in albertsons maybe 5yrs ago and she still remembered me by name as in Hi Aaron! how have you been..
2) I've got an old yellow mixing bowl from my grandma too..
3) Definitely dislike Will Ferrell even elf..
4) Had probs w/ Sr. english also but more the stupid rule w/ the word 'you' they had (1990) autofail -31pts, plus deduct for grammar/punctuation.. Fun!
I transfered to Lee from Oklahoma the last 4 wks of Jr. Year, so wasn't familiar w/ tylerisd's hatred of 2nd person prose.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

#1. I wasn't even thinking along those lines.... *blushing
#5. It wouldn't be a big deal if you did. Google "Far Side Midvale School for the Gifted" to see a figurative, yet accurate, portrait of me.
#6. Ummm... didn't I tell you I hate genealogy? I don't CARE if I descend from Adam OR Eve! Gah!
#14. And AMEN. Can I get a witness up in here?!
#15. See #16
#19. Ah, yes... denim jumpers.... I just inherited a second-hand sewing machine and wheels are turning...
#20. Yes, PYREX! It was once a set of nesting bowls and sadly, its the only one left.

Well of COURSE we partied hearty for my birthday, if by "partying hearty" you mean catching the early bird special down at Luby's and being home by 7pm. :)

Not really.... we lived large and went to Outback.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Yes, Mrs. Schofield was one of a kind! I loved her! I'm sorry, though, that you have some unresolved anger issues about high school english. :) I do remember them harping on using 'you' in writing, and I agree with you. Its a dumb rule.

yomama said...

Just so you know..........William Barrett Travis is NOT your ancestor, he was the first cousin of your ancestor.

Also, God loved genealogy.

Marlager said...

I hope your b-day was awesome! We have to party BIG next year for you!!! Love you!

Melissa from the Blue House said...

It was AWESOME!!!! Thank you for my sister2sister cookie delivery... they were the BOMB! OH MY! I can't wait to party big next year... does Luby's have a party room? :) Love you my friend!

Anonymous said...

From your friend The Preachers Kid.... That was one of my favorite semesters in college...and memory. Correction....we reconnected way before fb was ever thought of...remember....weddings?!!! I know you probably blocked out one wedding in particular. Remember that slinky little purple bridesmaid dress? Anywoo...I made 2 lists on your list of 39 :)

Melissa from the Blue House said...

OH YEAH! LOL. I totally blocked out the years from 1997 to 2010, though your wedding was one of the (few) highlights! And I totally forgot you came and stayed at our house that time... and I stayed at YOUR house... duh. I was way off on that one! Miss you, btw...

Anonymous said...

Just sent you a fb message! Oh and the only reason I'm 'anonymous' is BC my netbook laptop died after spilling sweet tea on it last Monday so now I have to do everything by phone. And I forgot my email password so haven't checked it on a long time.

Miss you too....

Stephanie Earp Britt
aka The Preachera Kid

Chonda Kennington-Berrier said...

from where in OK did u xfr?  i xfr'd to REL from Sapulpa, OK in the middle of my 1st (OK) jr yr.  the differences betw OK and TX (state history for one, and 2nd, in OK i was allowed to use Choir for PE..not in TX...nope...had to do PE no matter what...GROSS!) made me hold myself back and do 11th grade again to get all my credits in.  as for english, i got lucky, too...had Mr. Joe Wood..had a secret crush on him, too LOL...didn't read a single book but managed to "earn" a 'B' and graduate in '91

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