The Garlic Miracle and How to Make GOOT.

Garlic is, without a doubt, one of God's greatest miracle foods. Garlic is cheap and grows easily; it's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic. Garlic has been proven to lower cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, relieve coughs, asthma, and colds. The list of healing properties of garlic goes on and on!

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One way to use garlic is to mix it with oil to make a salve, called GOOT (Garlic Oil OintmenT)

When rubbed into the skin, it transfers raw garlic oil directly into the blood stream. Its a powerful natural antibiotic without all those pesky side effects of a prescription.

You can apply it on your kids' feet or chest (anywhere you would use that smelly stuff in the blue jar; don't get me started on all the reasons why the smelly stuff in the blue jar is BAD), on swollen glands or behind ears to fight infections; apply it directly to the affected area for yeast or directly onto rashes. GOOT kills Candida, parasites, bad bacteria, and viruses.

How to make GOOT (Garlic Oil OintmenT):

3T Olive oil
3T Coconut oil (Use organic, virgin coconut oil and not the cheap processed stuff. Coconut oil has massive healing properties of its own, but that's another blog post).
3T fresh garlic, minced

Stir together your olive oil and coconut oil (if the weather is cold your coconut oil will be solid; if so, liquefy it under warm running water first). Using a garlic press, mince your garlic cloves into the oil so all that garlic juice goes into your salve also. After a couple of hours, you may want to strain the chunks of garlic out of your salve; however, I like to leave it in there because I think it gets stronger over time, so I use an immersion blender to make sure its really pulverized and smooth.  Your ointment will be a thick paste that turns solid in the fridge. Discard and make more after two weeks.

Its good for what ails ya.

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Trudy Lynn said...

Instead of tossing out the "old" GOOT, use it on bread before grilling, being sure to add some salt.  MmmMMmm good stuff!

ruthie said...

Can you use this on a infant?

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