{Happily Ever After} Month Three.

It's been three months since I married the man of my dreams.

And we're two months pregnant.

We've been busy.

And you can finally sleep at night knowing that we settled the minor skirmish over where the couch should go, after we carved grooves in the floor scooting it back and forth across the living room twelve times.

He won, ok?

And then he won the gate lock thing, and the shirt ironing thing, and the air freshener thing, and ... wait. He's winning all of them! WHAT THE HECK?!

It's ok, I guess. I won him, and none of that other stuff matters, because after three months of marriage I have figured out how to get my way when I need to. Just don't tell him that because he thinks he's the man in charge.

After three months, I've learned that monthly marriage counseling sessions are a good thing. And going to church together. And praying together. And giving his TV shows a chance, even when there are zombies eating people and getting shot in the head. It's all about the quality time, right? 

And last but not least, cooking with bacon. Never stop cooking with bacon 

And those are my words of wisdom for living happily ever after. What's the best marriage advice you can give me? 

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The Coffee Cottage said...

I think you summed it up perfectly. And besides, I'm only eight years into it. I'll wait to see what those 'before' me have to say in the coming comments! ;) You two sure make a smashing couple. Love hearing about the 'inner workings'...and I have a good guess as to how you get your way when you need to. ;)

Me said...

MmmmMmmm Bacon

Kelly M-B said...

My advice after 17 years of being madly in love:

Share a plate whenever possible.  It saves on dishes and fosters a real feeling of sharing. 
Give backrubs and footrubs, making sure to receive a few, too.
Introduce him to your interests and favorite foods, as well as cooking his.
Never talk ugly about his friends and never let him talk ugly about yours... even if they deserve it.
If you cook, he washes dishes.  If he cooks, you wash dishes.

And remember, it's NEVER 50/50.  It's usually 70/30 or 90/10.  Just be sure to take turns on the short end of the stick.

Cindi Landers said...

Love this Kelly!  GREAT advice!

Cindi Landers said...

Communicate (Always...no matter how hard the subject you need to talk about), compromise (A LOT), forgive (as many times as it takes), and love unconditionally (with your whole heart).  Happy 3 months, Melissa!!   

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