A (Not So) Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party.

Yeah, I know it's been three months, but I've been preoccupied, ok?

I just happened to be perusing some pictures from the past few months and came across these and realized I've never posted them, and it's a shame because this was one of my favorite nights in my WHOLE DANG LIFE.

It was THAT. FUN. 

My closest, bestest, amazing friends (with the exception of a couple who couldn't make it) got together with me the Thursday before I got married to help me celebrate.

My friends who have been with me through good times, and most importantly, the bad. The ones who have held my hand, coaxed me out of my closet where I was curled up in the fetal position, brought me food, kept my kids... all that... through the last couple of years when I needed my friends the most. It was only natural that THESE friends would be here to help me celebrate the HAPPIEST I've ever been in my entire life. Gosh, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Plus my pretty new sister-in-law. I love her. I was glad she could come though at this point I hadn't gotten to know her all that well yet, but since then we've exchanged many-a-hilarious email and have very big plans to frolic together in the moors of England at some point very soon. And. She shares my obsession with cats. It's a match made in heaven and I'm so glad that when I married Michael, I got her too.


My gorgeous friend Marla, party planner extraordinaire.  AND my favorite person in the universe to go shopping with and get lost in Dallas, or on the square in downtown Tyler. Heck, anywhere we go, we get lost together. But we always laugh a lot and that's the important thing.

And my sister Betsy.

Yes, I realize she got all the looks in the family.

Yes, I've always been jealous of her.

Shut up.

 We had Don Juan's Mexican food, followed by these cupcakes. They were so beautiful with sparkly sugar 'snow' and fondant holly berries and leaves, I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. And red velvet. With cream cheese frosting. Perfect.

And the cupcake in the middle had wedding rings made out of fondant and candy. So. Adorable.

They brought me gifts in tiny packages.

My friend Valerie. We're cousins. And I know this because our ancestors were cousins who fought together at the Alamo, and that's totally relevant to this story somehow.

A cookbook. Southern Living, even. I think they know me. I can tell Jennifer is jealous by the look on her face, and that's really not like Jesus.

We laughed and laughed. I can't remember now about what, but that's not important.

Don't even make me tell you what was in this one. I'm blushing.

And the big one wasn't any better. See how they're all laughing at my shock and embarrassment?

It was a loss of my innocence, let me tell you. Bordering on un-Christian.

But it was... Oh. So. Fun.

And even more fun.

Ah, I have THE BEST FRIENDS in the world.

Miss Barbie herself.

Yes, I've always been jealous of her.

Shut up.

Cindy and Aneysa.

Betsy and Valerie.

We closed Don Juan's down. THAT'S how wild and crazy we were. It was, like, eight pm or something on a school night.

I know, right? We should calm down.

But you only get one bachelorette party so you might as well live it up.

Last customers. We were locked in. And then we all went home and put on our flannel nightgowns and were asleep by 9:15.

Look, being wild and crazy takes a lot out of you.

Two amazing people I could not live without.

It was almost the best night of my life.

But that was before I got married...

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LKS said...

I'm so disillusioned. Y'all live in Texas & only *one* of your friends has *sorta* big hair. Sigh.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Yep. And you know what they say, "The higher the hair the closest to God." It's so true in this case. :)

momto8blog said...

what fabulous pictures!   and fabulous people in your life!
Thank you for your thoughts today.  i appreciate your blogging friendship....and will send prayers to you whenever you need them.
happy friday!

Marla said...

OMG! Melissa, it was such a fun night...........on to plan the BABY SHOWER!!!! I just thought Baby A's was the last one for you!!! LOL

Jen said...

wonderful pics, & a very belated congrats! you look beautiful.  xo, j

Adrienne said...

One of my
close friends did not get the invites finished in time and it turned into a
huge problem! For the bachelorette party we created a scavenger hunt theme and
highly suggest this to any person, it was astounding! I Ended up acquiring some
excellent 'Bridezilla' party ideas over at this website...


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