These Painful Freckles.

My girls have been gone all of spring break.

They won't be home until Sunday evening.

And like I always do when they're gone for any length of time, I pore over all of the pictures of them in my computer, all grief-stricken and misty-eyed, because it's absolute torture for me when they're not home.

It's pictures like this one that just slay me... how in the world can I survive three more days without laying eyes on these freckles?

I can't wait for her to get home so I can kiss every single one of them. Whether she likes it or not...

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thecoffeecottage said...

No doubt she looks forward to having each and every freckle kissed! You are such a good mama....they will always remember the warm welcomes you give them each time they come home.

Cindi Landers said...

Ah, Melissa, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!!  Get those lips ready, Mama!  I'd have mine waiting too if my babes were gone that long.  :)

Melissa from the Blue House said...

This is for the Grammar Police (ahem): 

Take THAT.

Jessica L said...

You  have adorable kids!!

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Have a blessed day!!  :)

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