WHAT Have I Gotten Myself Into?!

Over a week has passed since I've thought up one thing to put on this blog.

Let me rephrase that: Over a week has passed since I've thought up one thing, period.

That's because I don't think these days

I'm too tired to think, ok?

The internet tells me that at seven weeks, Junior is now the size of a blueberry, and what I wanna know is... how can something the size of a dadgum blueberry suck the LIFE out of me?!


Tired in an unexplainable way that only a woman who has lived through the first trimester of a pregnancy could possibly understand. And of course that tiredness is compounded by my advanced decrepit age... (now I know what Sarah felt like).

BUT I'm not gonna complain (much... ahem). I may have complained, just the tiniest bit, just once, if you could even call it "complaining," when I whimpered ever-so-slightly about being "too old to do this," or some nonsense like that, and one of my coworkers reprimanded me harshly.

"You don't know WHO you're carrying," she chastised me sharply. "God MADE this baby, God chose YOU to carry this baby, and God WILL give you everything you need to do this. You do NOT know what God has planned for this baby's future. You do NOT know what plans you're a part of. Do NOT speak negative words about this baby. Do NOT speak negative words into truth! You need to be praying over this baby and thanking God for this baby's life and rebuke that spirit that tells you you're too old. That's the DEVIL."

God always seems to put people in my path who tell me the Truth when I need to hear it. 

So before I fall asleep with my head on this keyboard, let me just say an emphatic THANK YOU, GOD, thank you again and again, for giving me this baby and letting me be part of your thrilling and amazing plan... now if you'll excuse me, it's 8pm and mama needs to go to bed. 

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Willisd4 said...

Hey congratulations!   Wonderful news for you and your family!!   I had my son at 37 and my daughter at 41 and 1/2!  It is more taxing on your body but I do know that what the Lord does is perfect.  'Better is one day in His courts than a thousands elsewhere'!   Love to you and your family, from Diana Willis and fam.

Adavis1 said...

I think that God put you in my path today!  I am also 38 (almost 39) and pregnant (a bit of a surprise) and SOOOOOOOO tired!  But, your friend is so right and I needed to hear that.  We are NOT to old- God gave us these babies at this time for a reason!  Thanks for reminding me!

SEAM said...

Congratulations on the baby!  

Tina said...

WOW! What a wonderful friend to speak God's truth.  :) Don't know if I've posted congrats or not, so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Cindi Landers said...

Totally relatable, Melissa!  I was soooo tired when I carried Parker.  I would come home from work and literally fall asleep on the couch while Jake played in the same room.  Talk about feeling like a bad mom.  Anyway, it's definitely understandable, and it will definitely pass.  :)  

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