The De-Cityfication Process Continues.

So Michael, the Wild-Animal-and-Children Whisperer, found this frog in our back yard.

Wild animals and children are just drawn to him...

 So the girls had to take turns holding it.

Poor children; they lived in an apartment complex a little too long... hence the fascination with normal, everyday backyard critters.

They named it... Fred. Or Herman or Larry or something; I forget. But it's not important now.

What's important is that moments like this MUST always happen immediately after a bath: we must hold a frog, and sit in the lap of the sweaty man who just finished mowing the yard.

But baths are temporary anyway... hopefully the memories made will last much longer.

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LKS said...

Baths are over rated Melissa  :)

Cindi Landers said...

Yep!  That's exactly when it should go down.  :)  LOL!  LOVE your perspective, M!  And they can always bathe again right?  :) 

momto8blog said...

yep!  how true.  holding a frog in your hand is way worth the fun of it!!

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