My Last Thirty-Something Birthday.

Yeah, it was two months ago.

Does that come as a surprise to anyone?

This was one of the cakes.... this decadent layered strawberry YUM that was everything I ever dreamed of (you were so right, Jennifer). Michael had his own cake made by his mom because he's her favorite and he wanted chocolate, but I didn't take a picture of that one. 

My gorgeous girl. She wanted to dress up for the party, and had her hair fixed by my mother-in-law. I love this sweet face.

And Annie. Of COURSE Annie had to dress up, because any day that ends in 'Y' is deserving of head-to-toe bling. My mother-in-law fixed her hair also; I'm thinking Reba is enjoying having little girls around... what do you think?

Michael, the grill master, cooked THE BEST BURGERS EVER. I mean, EVER. 

My dad. Smiling for a picture. Enjoy it; it's elusive and rare like a unicorn sighting... he usually ducks and hides like he's in the witness protection program.

Shannon and Jesse. 

Betsy and Micah. I love this picture... so happy!

One of these kids has super-model aspirations (can you guess which?


Morgan found a cozy place to play.

William and Jesse. 

Somehow I missed getting pictures of Sherry, Reba, Bill, Jennifer, and Zech.... but that just means we'll have to have another party soon.
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