{Nourishing Traditions} Kombucha.

Seems like once upon a time, someone had great plans to post a Nourishing Traditions recipe at least once a week.

Someone should know better than to commit to anything these days. But here we are two months later, and you didn't click on this post to read more about my A.D.D. situation so let's cut to the chase

Kombucha. Oh my goodness gracious... I love the stuff. If you have never heard of it, Google 'Health Benefits of Kombucha' just for fun.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

*taps foot impatiently

OK, forget it: I'll just go ahead and tell you. But seeing as how entire websites are dedicated to all things for the love of kombucha, I'll just summarize. You're welcome.

  • Kombucha is a dramatic immune system booster and body detoxifier...Tom Valentine, Search for Health

If those aren't reasons enough, Kombucha just tastes good. It's fizzy and refreshing and energizing. And it could just be my imagination, but I, personally, am giving kombucha the credit for my total lack of morning sickness this pregnancy. 

Kombucha isn't a new thing for me... I started brewing my own several years ago because my whole family loved it, even the kids! Then I went back to work and lots of the things I used to do around the house fell by the wayside, but every now and then I'd pick up a bottle of GT's Kombucha at the health food store... 

Fast forward to early in this pregnancy, and I began suffering from wicked kombucha cravings. I was making daily trips to the health food store for more and I'll just be honest...

The stuff is expensive, y'all!

Me being the frugal girl that I am, I decided to give home brewing another shot. If you clicked on any of the kombucha links above, you may have noticed "ecourses on how to make kombucha" and whatnot for sale at ridiculous prices, and I hate to burst their bubble, but...

YOU DO NOT NEED AN ECOURSE or an EBOOK or a Power Point or ANYTHING cause you COULD read your Nourishing Traditions book (page 596) to learn how, but I'mma gonna tell you right here on this here blog how to make it, and it's easy and costs next to nothing.

But you'll have to wait until the next post because 1) this post is long enough already and my a.d.d. has kicked back in, and 2) all but one (see above) of my kombucha pictures are in my honey-muffin's camera and I need his help.

Come back soon and I'll tell you how to make your own kombucha mushroom. I promise you won't have to wait another two months for it.

Most likely.

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Bandaharris said...

I read your blog now and then. I am a nurse and I was wondering if you asked your OB about the kombucha? I looked at those other sites and was concerned about the active yeast and mushroom? It may not be anything but I just was wondering.
A concerned grandmother, mother and nurse.

Melissa Taylor said...

I didn't ask my OB, but I do believe kombucha is safe. I wanted to be able to explain exactly why the yeast and sugar are NOT the same in kombucha as they are in, say, bread or something, but that will take some time for me to dig up some links. Meanwhile, here's one about the safety of kombucha during pregnancy ---> 

Since I"ve been drinking it for years, my system is pretty much used to it. I don't brew it until it's overly acidic; two weeks is the magic amount of time for me, personally. 

The "mushroom" isn't really a mushroom... and I'll explain that in a later post as well! 

Thanks for your concern and for taking the time to comment. :)

Melissa Taylor said...

You absolutely DO need to get that book!! It is so very interesting... like a history book and cookbook rolled into one. :) You can click on the link on my sidebar to order from Amazon! 

Melissa Taylor said...

Just found another great link about kombucha in pregnancy... 

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