Blooming Where We're Planted.

This is our first attempt at gardening, and it's a total THRILL

I mean it

There is something so exciting and miraculous about planting a seed in the ground and watching it turn into..... 


Well.... this particular plant started out as a teeny tiny plant, but it has quadrupled in size sixteen times and LOOK AT ALL THOSE TOMATOES!! GAH!

My kids eat cherry tomatoes like grapes, and they are flabbergasted by how much better these taste than the ones from the grocery store.

I think, personally, that's the natural side effect of eating something you've had a hand in bringing to the table.

Every morning we check our 'crop' before work... 

And then again after work. 

And again at bedtime... and the kids are just as excited as we are.

We've had to lay down the rules about harvesting the vegetables without permission, because Annie was hauling jalapenos into the house by the bushel-basket full...

Well, ok. Maybe she just picked four or five, but still.

It's become an obsession... for all of us.

It makes our hearts so happy to see THIS ^^^ popping out where only dirt had been just a few short hours ago.

You should hear the squeals of delight coming from the backyard!

And not just from Michael!

Because we're gonna have CORN! In our own back yard! It came outta nowhere!

And... uh... so did this freak yellow spider. I don't like the looks of this guy. I'm not really squealing about this... 

But these tomatoes? YES. Those are something to squeal about.

And so is my cilantro. And squash.... okra... garlic... *sigh.

I'm the happiest farmer's wife in the world.

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SSMommy said...

Did you plant your tomatoes from seed or plants?  I've not had good luck w/ tomatoes - tell me your secret!

bluebarnbulletin said...

First off, I meant to click over yesterday to congratulate you on your new girl but somehow didn't manage to do it.  So, Congratulations!
As for the garden-it really isn't the girls' imaginations that home grown tomatoes taste better than anything you can get at the store.  They really do!  I think part of it is the fact they can truly ripen on the vine, but also you (well, my family anyway) grow different varieties than are available commercially.  My favorite tomato is Juliette-looks like a small roma but is incredibly sweet. 
And just wait until you get your first corn.  You truly will NOT believe how fantastic it tastes when it's only minutes out of the garden.  Microwave it in the husk, chop off the bottom end, hold on to the top and shake the ear out of the husk.  Many people don't think it even needs butter, it's so good.  Plus, the silk stays behind with the husk, making a much easier job than traditional husking.

bluebarnbulletin said...

Here's a link to the corn technique.  It doesn't work perfectly for us every time but it's pretty cool.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Ooh, I can't WAIT to try the tomatoes! So far we've only had four ripen and I let the girls eat them. And I"m so excited about the corn... well, I'm excited about all of it!! I'm just in awe every day of how BIG it's all gotten... it seems so miraculous! 

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Oh wow. Thank you for this!! I always buy corn in the husks and have the darndest time getting all that corn silk off!! Can't wait to try this.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

I've heard that starting tomatoes from seeds is really difficult, so I bought a little tomato plant from Home Depot for my first try with tomatoes. All we did was plant it in a big pot with soil from Hughes Plant Farm -- and I'm not sure what it was but it was what mom told me to get the blue bag :) -- and POW. It has MULTIPLIED LIKE CRAZY! I'll get Michael to chime in if there's anything else he did/does to it that I don't know about, because he's the master gardener!

Ashley | Domestic Fashionista said...

I completely agree!  There is something so magical about planting something with your own hands and then to see and even eat the rewards!  We have strawberries in our yard for the first time and it is exactly the same much sweeter than store bought and so much more pride knowing I put it there!

I also wanted to tell you I tried to click over to your blog via your comment but it doesn't take me here.  So I did a google search of your profile name and was able to find your blog.  But it would be so helpful to visit if I could click straight through! 

xo Ashley

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