{Happily Ever After} Month Six.

My love has been yours...
since on that day
when first we met --
I will never quite forget
how you just paused
and smiled a bit,
then calmly helped yourself to it.

--Ruth Graham to Billy

OK, so maybe it wasn't THAT DAY when first we met -- but it was darn close to it.

It didn't happen that first day we met in Sunday School. Nor did it happen when he made if clear he wanted to sit by me in Big Church. Michael was a little too friendly and I wasn't havin' that.

But then he friended me on Facebook and sent me a message.

He got my attention, but it didn't happen that day.

But then he kept making me laugh on Facebook. And sending me Facebook messages and texts and... ok, so I invited him to my friend Marla's birthday party where we played a game and smoked every other couple there. This is a picture of my friend from that night... (none of us though. We were just friends, you know).

There was this chemistry there... but it didn't happen that day either.

Then there was that ridiculous church singles' Halloween party where he dressed up like a pirate and I dressed up like Cowgirl Barbie. (*blushing)  It was the first time my kids met him, and he made an impression. They still talk about meeting Michael that night... But it didn't happen that day either.

That's his elbow on the left side of the picture... and of course, he was the center of attention at our table.

OK.... maybe I liked him a little, too.

Then there was the singles' Christmas banquet. I told him he needed to wear a tie, and he showed up in his tie, the only one out of, like, 762 guys to wear a tie. hehehe... We were still just friends, but then he made my kids laugh like hyenas that night and let them wallpaper him in silly name tags, and that scored some points with me.

"Hello, my name is T T" was the one from Annie, because it was the worst insult she could spell at that time.

It wasn't my prettiest picture ever...

Then he came over to my apartment for the first time, sometime in December 2010, and played games with my kids.

Yeah. It was shortly after that; probably the day I wrote this first blog post... See? I had no choice.

I can't believe how fast the last six months have flown.

I committed forty years to this marriage, but I may have to rethink that and go for fifty if the next 39 1/2 fly by this fast...

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Michael Taylor said...

My favorite blog post yet. ;)
I can't wait for our next 60 years. The days just fly by though! The weekends being the fastest! I never get enough time with My Girl.
Love you pretty. Thank you for the best 6 months ever. Stay mine. :)

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Oh no. I never said anything about 60 years... I may have a mid-life crisis in 50 years, when I'm 89, and need to see what else is out there. But I doubt it. You'll still be making me laugh, and still have those abs, and the bacon will still be great... 

Of course, you'll probably be the hottest thing in our nursing home and I'll be beating the old ladies off with a stick. Hmmm. 

Jeane` said...

LOVE this!!

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