Eduardo, Cheekens, Rosa's Dance Hall, and Making Our Own Art.

It's no secret that we're regulars down at Casa Ole, and if you're friends with me on Facebook you know this because we're checking in at Casa Ole, like, every 12 hours.

And if you've been reading my blog awhile you may remember the story of Eduardo and the Cheekens.

Well, the imaginary Mexican man painted on the wall inside Casa Ole became so important to us or maybe we're just weird that when we were brainstorming what we could do for fun one weekend, that thought led to "we should paint our own art." 

Which naturally led to "we should paint our own art inspired by Eduardo and the cheekens."

I mean, really... isn't that what every family would decide to do for fun?! Make their own art based on an imaginary Mexican man painted on the wall of a cheap restaurant?


OK, maybe not. OK, so maybe we really are weird, but it sounded like fun to us, so we went and bought supplies at Hobby Lobby and got to work.

And we. had. a. ball

And I have to think that, weird or not, making memories with the kids is one of the more important things in life. It's one of the things we do best.

We spread all our supplies out on a plastic table cloth in our (then) empty dining room.

And gave careful thought to how, exactly, to best represent the imaginary Mexican man and his cheekens we had told so many stories about.

We sketched our ideas out in pencil.

Ever so thoughtfully.

We're serious about our art in this house.

My left-handed girl.

And then we traced over our pencil lines with markers.

Our art began to take shape (this was mine).

True artists always have paint-covered kneecaps.


Michael's Eduardo painting... coming together.

Annie isn't as INTO art as the rest of us, so she made her own art on the karaoke machine while we painted.

She'd rather have a microphone in her hand than a paintbrush ANY day.

She kept us entertained with Vacation Bible School songs, and the music, uh,  inspired our creativity. Or something.

Katie Beth... she's my serious artist.

Thank you. I'll be here all week...

Check out the finished products here. They turned out pretty great!

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