Our 'Pretend' Camp Out.

Last weekend we decided the weather and the stars and pretty much everything else was lining up just perfectly for another camping trip out at the ranch.

Except that I'm 63 weeks pregnant and I'm not tryin' to sleep anywhere where there's only a thin air mattress and a tent separating me from the cold, hard ground.

And I have never once balked at sleeping in a tent in the woods.

But hoisting my 348-pound, 79-week pregnant self up off a 6" thick air mattress in the tent in the woods to go potty in the woods every 30 minutes all night long {because that's what you do when you're 84 weeks pregnant}... THAT particular adventure did NOT appeal to me. Not one bit.

But the s'mores, y'all. And the hot dogs cooked over an open flame. And the lightening bugs and the woods and the camp site overlooking the lake at the ranch?

Yeah, that all sounded fun.

So we decided we'd have a 'pretend' camping trip, with all the fun stuff, and none of that hoisting of my 98- week pregnant, 672-pound self off an air mattress to go potty in the woods all night long. We decided we'd go, cook, eat, laugh, tell some ghost stories, and bring Big Mama back home to her own bed (and potty) before bedtime.

We had a ball. And most importantly.... ate really good, because everything tastes better cooked over an open flame in the woods. 

And the only picture I got of our fun times? 

My family gathering sticks for the camp fire. Nice, huh? You're welcome.

And, oh yeah, this one... because Annie never misses a chance to smile for the camera.

I did hate that since we had to come home, we missed being lulled to sleep by the sound of the crickets and the coyotes, because sleeping in a tent is the best sleep there is...

Unless, of course, you're 14 months pregnant.

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A Name said...

With your weight fluctuating like that you might ought to go see a doctor.

L S said...

Nice butt shot. Really.

Melissa Beene Taylor said...

Thanks LKS. :) I'm artistic like that.

Melissa Beene Taylor said...

Thanks Mark. That's what happens when you're pregnant. It's a roller coaster.

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