My wise and wonderful friend Gwen posted these words on Facebook today, and though she wasn't talking to me, her words were EXACTLY what I needed to read at this moment. So without even asking her permission, I'm totally stealing her quote (hope you're ok with that, Gwen)...

I had a SS teacher that once taught us a lesson about making "monuments" in our lives to remind us of God's goodness. God instructed the children of Israel to build monuments at the site of some of the great miracles he performed on their behalf. And then He continued to lead them forward through some VERY difficult circumstances. They were faulted for complaining against HIM as their God, and placing circumstances as a higher importance than their worship of Him. The monuments were there to remind them and everyone around them of the nature of their God, who is bigger than the circumstances that they found themselves in. He is always worthy of praise and trust!

I'll pray that God will bring to your mind times that you've clearly seen His hand, and that you'll make those little "monuments" to remind you of the nature of the God you serve. And that you'll see the trials as things that He has allowed for you guys, and graciously walked through with you. Part of the "all things" that work together for the good of those who love Him.

I have never in my life seen God's hand more clearly than in the past two years, the most difficult years of my life.

And though I didn't know to call it a monument... that's exactly what this whole block of my life will always be to me: a monument of God's protection and provision in my life, when He so graciously walked through the trials with me.

  • God rescued me from a deep Pit in which I thought I was stuck 'til death do us part; I cried every single day for years... and God heard my cry.

  • God redeemed all the years those years that I thought were wasted, and gave me Michael.

  • God provided for my children and me every step of the way. Every single meal. Every single bill. A car. A job. Everything I needed, God so graciously gave.

  • Though the enemy tried his dead-level best to steal, kill, and destroy me, and though it appeared he succeeded in some small ways in doing just that, God protected me, and any supposed 'victories' the enemy thinks he won will be temporary at best. The victories God has given me will be eternal.

  • I was in bondage, and God freed me. And there is no greater gift than that freedom.

May I never forget the nature of the God I serve, and all the ways in which I so clearly saw His hand.

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