Katie and the Musical.

Katie, sound woman, and her friend as Flounder
My kids are lucky enough to get to go the the Magnet School for the Arts where they get to do ALL sorts of stuff at this school that none of the other public school kids get to do. 

It's been GREAT for two little girls who love to sing and dance and be on stage (one of them) and paint and draw and play music and create art (the other one).

For example, every year they put on a phenomenal 'Broadway Junior' musical, and the third, fourth, and fifth graders get to star in it. It's a big deal. This year it was The Little Mermaid, and Katie auditioned and was chosen to be on the Tech Crew as the sound woman out  of 240-something kids who tried out for 60 spots.

All her closest friends starred in it, and so Katie was a little disappointed to not have a role on stage. But... knowing how she is, shy, quiet, and hiding from the camera and all, I think they put my introverted, first-born child EXACTLY where her strengths lie... running the show from behind the scenes. Perfect.

And that's EXACTLY what her teachers said... she "ran the show.I'm so proud of her, I get all choked up every time I think about it.

She did an iNCReDiBLe job, and lo and behold, she did get her moment on stage... at the end, she got to come out and take a bow. 

Maybe NOW she'll let me take a picture of her once in a while... 

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Marksgirl said...

Awesome! And introverted first-borns are pretty good at running the show :)

Christi said...

That sounds like such a great thing. My girls participated in something much like that when they were young, and they loved it. It was a great learning experience...and a lot of fond memories.

Kim said...

My kids are 22 and 20 (amost 23 and 21, gadzooks!) and I still get all warm, fuzzy, and misty eyed when they get up and do something wonderful. This past October I got to see my eldest sing in a show at church. It was so wonderful! Congrats to your daughter for her amazing and important roll in her school show!! Found you by way of Pioneer Woman, by the way!

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