{Oh Baby} Three Weeks.

Today my sweet Susannah Joy is THREE WEEKS OLD.

Oh, she's been a busy girl.

At four days old, she went to church for the first time to hear her Papaw preach.

She wore a pretty little smocked dress for the first of many times.

At one week old, she dressed up and went Trick or Treating for the first time...

... and narrowly escaped being made into a coat by the evil Cruella.

The next day was Cruella's Katie Beth's birthday, so she had lunch at the elementary school for the first time... tucked into mom's Moby wrap, of course, lest anyone breathe on her.

Week two, she went to Bible Study for the first time... in the Moby wrap.

And Casa Ole for the first time... in the Moby wrap.

And Mercado's for the first time to meet her Aunt Dee.

And last but not least, went to her first Pokeeno party last night.

She's been everywhere, man.

But when she's not gadding about town, she's eating. And pooping. And she's a master at both.

Oh, and lots of sleeping....

It just never seems to be at night.


But I love her anyway.

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Jared Storer said...

What a dolly! You guys are having too much fun with her :) That's awesome. What a sweet lil girl. ~Carla~

Debra Kimball said...

So incredibly darling....

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