{Baby Love} Two Months.

Ohhhh.... my sweet baby Susie.

A year ago we had NO idea how God would bless us! We couldn't have predicted she'd even be here {SURPRISE!}, let alone what a joy and a treasure she would be.

I'm the luckiest mama ever. And if she'd just sleep at night I'd also be the happiest. Sigh... 

One week.

Can you say... Michael Taylor's baby?! From those big, big eyes...

Two weeks.
To the way her eyes rollllllll around... as if she knows how to be sarcastic already.

She must have inherited her dad's sarcasm gene.

Bottom right picture below... Anyone else see Sheldon Cooper? She must have inherited a 'geek' gene as well. I'm not gonna say from whom... but she'll probably have her first Ph.D. by age 16 too. 
Three weeks.
She's so, so sweet, and so very happy. Unless she's rolling her eyes... it's a look I know so well. And now I have double eye-rolling in my house.
Five weeks.
Top left picture below...? This is what her dad's face when I say something about 'organic' or 'herbs.' 
Like father like daughter. 

Top right pic below? ONE RAISED EYEBROW. How can she even DO that?! Like father like daughter. 

Bottom left? Smiling big like Buddy the Elf from the North Pole (smiling is her favorite). Interesting side note: did you know Buddy's baby at the end of the movie is named 'Susie?' Yeah... it was meant to be. 

And then bottom right... Michael Taylor, Jr. Like father ... you get the picture. 
Six weeks.

But she's not ALWAYS rolling her eyes like a sarcastic little  Michael Sheldon Cooper. See below? So happy and sweet... even at 3am! And then again at 5am. But not after 8am because at that point she can sleep like a rock for 16 hours straight.



It almost makes it worthwhile to haul my weary, middle-aged body out of bed to feed her once or twice or sometimes three times in the night.

Lord help me...

Seven weeks.
She coos and gurgles a lot. It's the best ever. We carry on conversations that make my heart melt, with me talking, her smiling and cooing and gurgling back at me...
Eight weeks.

I'm in love... with Michael, and with this little one who has his eyes.
Nine weeks.

God has blessed us so big. :)

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Michael Taylor said...

Now I have TWO prizes! God has truly blessed us!

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