The Man and his New Toys.

We spent a few hours out at the ranch yesterday.

The Man wanted to cut some firewood to keep our family warm in the cold winter weather to come.

But mostly I think he just wanted a chance to play with the new toys he got for Christmas. Didn't everybody ask Santa for a new axe for Christmas? 


Well, Michael got TWO axes. He must've been really good this year. 

He found a big, dead tree and felled it easily, because he's a mighty, muscular lumberjack. This is just the TOP of the tree, below... the trunk was enormous. 

Because he could, that's why.

Oh yes. He's all mine.

Annie came out to help load the cut wood onto the trailer. Thank goodness we had her muscles or it would have taken us years.

So far today? He's spent even more hours splitting the wood and stacking it in nice, neat stacks on our patio. Oh, and keeping the fire going in our living room with all of our freshly cut firewood.

Thank you, Santa, for his new toys!

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