My Favorite Christmas Gift.

Michael spoiled me BIG this Christmas... like Edward spoiled Vivian in Pretty Woman. Like, if I were more on board with Dave Ramsey I might have been offended by it, slapped him on the hand and given him a stern lecture about his ridiculous overspending. 

Oh, who am I kidding? I LOVE that 'Gifts' is his Love Language... well, at least it's somewhere up there with volleyball, Oreos, chopping firewood, and grilling, and Dave Ramsey can shut up and mind his own business.

But out of the landslide of gifts that made me feel like I had won the lottery... this was my favorite, this simple, hand-stamped necklace from The Rusted Chain.

I love things that are hand-made and not mass-produced. I love things that nobody else has. And THIS necklace imprinted with the names of the precious little ones I love makes my heart melt.

Vivian might have gotten a quarter-of-a-million dollar necklace, but like mine better.

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Sharon Reece said...

What a wonderful gift! I still treasure the handmade brooch my 6 year old daughter made for her grandmother one Christmas long ago (I helped). It has now come back to me and it's very special to me.

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