Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Christmas Art.

The renowned Taylor family of artists has been busy creating new masterpieces.

After the success of our Casa Ole inspired works, we knew the world needed more more more, so we decided to make some Christmas art to hang over our mantel. 

This was Katie Beth's... an ornament-bedazzled, boa-wearing reindeer.

Annie's.... Do you recognize the two girls decorating the tree? Of COURSE you do! It's Annie and Katie Beth! I love their hair most of all, I think. Or maybe their arms. Or the signature at the bottom. Hard to say.

Michael's. It's perfect, of course. He IS a professional after all.

And mine. Ornaments representing the whole family: skulls for Michael; hair bows for me; puppy paw prints for Katie Beth; rhinestones for Annie; and a pacifier and booties for baby Susie.

And Susie had to participate, of course; she had a little help, but the whole idea was hers. OK, I lied; the whole idea was my friend Myrandi's; she sent out homemade Christmas cards to this effect years and years ago, and I tucked the idea away in my head to steal at some point. And it just so happened that this was the year that I had a set of tiny baby feet out of which to make art.

We had one extra canvas, so we all contributed to this one. The snowmen are made out of our fingerprints. Some of us have REALLY fat fingers, apparently.

And all of them together over our mantel. My Christmas decor is long gone, but our Christmas art remains. It seems such a shame to lock our masterpieces away until next year, so they're still here.

At least until Hobby Lobby puts their canvases on half price again...

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LKS said...

Love that you do this :)

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