{Blondes and Computers} Gosh, THIS is Embarrassing...

I just made a big fat OOPS.

I was going through some old blog posts, reliving old memories of when my kids were tiny and cute and said funny things, emailing those funny things to my sister and sighing over toddler pictures because my birthday is tomorrow and, you know, whatever, I was getting all sappy and sentimental and stuff.

Anyway, In perusing old posts I accidentally hit 'publish' on a post that I wrote three years ago and never published, one of those 'letters you write but don't send' type of things, you know? I tried to delete it FAST, on this old dadgum computer that moves at the lightening-fast speed of Tim Conaway as the old guy on the Carol Burnett show and I wasn't fast enough...


IN case you saw it {mom, and my other two subscribers}... I'm NOT getting a divorce, the last few weeks have NOT been the most painful of my life, and you don't need to pray for my kids, at least not for THAT reason.

I'm sure at some point I'll think this is funny, in light of how ridiculously, head over heels, cheesy-in-love I am with my husband, as evidenced by our Facebook posts on each other's walls and, well, you'd just have to see us together to know... but right now I'm hyperventilating.

So. Just to clarify. That was three years ago. And then Michael and Melissa lived happily ever after. :)

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