The Blessed Ending of a School Year.

Oh, y'all. 

We made it. 

Another school year complete. Behind us. Finished.

We did not die. And that's in SPITE of how I caved and allowed my kids to eat Lunchables for one week out of the year (because, you know, I feed my kids kale and stuff...) and I don't even want to hear a single word about it, because since I started my new job I CANNOT KEEP UP.

And I have to say that we not only FINISHED out a school year, my kids finished WELL, which goes to show you that kids are TOUGH, STRONG, and RESILIENT even when they were NEW at their schools this year and had a LOT of catching up to do, and EVEN in the face of the crappy kind of parenting in which THE MOM JUST GOES AHEAD AND LETS THEM EAT THE FIVE BAD THINGS THE WHOLE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL. 

Katie, my lovely firstborn, finished up her first year of middle school. There she is, in the midst of that sea of blonde hair... see? I had to sneak a picture on account of it is NOT COOL for your mom to take your picture when you're graduating from 6th grade.

Nana and Papaw came to cheer Katie on as she got awarded.

Mr. D calling out the names of everyone who made the A Honor Roll (and yes, that's my girl there in the blue dress with her A Honor Roll award... Yay her!)

And she didn't just make the A Honor Roll.... she received the Diligence Award in LATIN. Latin, people. She's brilliant, and she did NOT get her knack for foreign language from me because... well, let's just not even talk about how I did in college Spanish Class. It's not a memory I'm proud of...

The Diligence in Latin award
Sweet friends since age 2. 

All smiles as they head into 7th grade.

And these 2 came to cheer Katie on, as well. Except one of them wanted to yell and run around the auditorium the whole time. I won't say which.
Annie wrapped up Second Grade this week, and she had the sweetest teacher in the whole world. It was a great school year for Annie and I was SO proud of all the Bible passages she memorized this year, and how she caught on to cursive so quickly which AMAZED me since she just started school here this year and had a lot of ground to cover just to catch up. But she's smart, and did I mention her great teacher?

Also this week? Steaks with Michael's marinade. Yes, it was important enough to include in this blog post because steak (like chocolate, Starbucks, and shoe shopping) always helps you through the hard times (hard times, e.g., the last week of school). 

And I can't just talk about my oldest two because that wouldn't be fair. Susie has one more week before she wraps up HER school year (Mother's Day Out at Green Acres, in case you wondered). And other than school, she spends her time being a total ham, growing teeth, and eating more than the rest of us put together.

Oh, and she's learned that she disappears when she squeezes her eyes shut. The "where's Susie?" game is one of her favorites so we're not letting on to her that we can STILL SEE HER. It would ruin everything.

Yep, they're smart, happy, and healthy, all three of them, and I couldn't be more proud. 

And oh, so thankful for the end of a school  year. Let the summer fun begin!

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