About Us

I'm Melissa.... wife (as of Christmas Eve, 2011) to a near-perfect guy who is the Man of my Dreams, and mom to two smart, sweet, beautiful girls who are my treasures from God, my greatest joy and a source of constant amusement. Our family loves Jesus, cooking, making our own art, and laughing a lot.

Welcome to our blog. :)

Big Sis Katie: quiet, sensitive, artistic, thoughtful, and loves dogs.

Little Sis Annie: happy, outgoing, funny, loves karaoke, dancing and being a ham.

Me... Social Worker for a Long-Term Care facility for children by day; but in my free time I love cooking, blogging, spending time with my family, and, well..... my list of 39 Random Things About Me says it all.

And Michael, answer to my prayers, source of constant laughter, my redemption for all the years the locusts have eaten. Incredibly gifted artist, incredibly hard worker, incredibly devoted family man, incredibly FUNNY. And did I mention that he's incredible?

And us.... living happily ever after.

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